Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Duel of the Cameo Silhouette vs. the Brother Scan & Cut Part 4

The Duel of the Cameo Silhouette 
vs. the Brother Scan & Cut Part 4

Here are the completed pieces, it took about 20 seconds to cut these

As you would expect the Cameo also cut the shapes with no difficulty.  Where I found there could be improvement was on the actual software screen.  Since I used multiple pieces of fabric and placed them all over the mat I had to count grid squares and almost guess at placement for 6 bunny shapes, it worked okay due to the fact my fabric shapes were all the same size but it could have been a lot easier!  Admittedly the Cameo is a cutter, not a scan & cutter like the Brother so maybe my expectations were too high.

The Cameo screen where you need to move your shapes around when using multiple fabrics.

The Cameo mat after cutting is complete
Both cutters cut the bunny applique files the exact same size, no difference whatsoever.  Both cut quickly and efficiently and while Cameo received special mention for the specialty advice on blades/fabric in their software screen I must say Brother deserves special recognition for the ability to scan the mat to  SEE EXACTLY where you are going to be cutting.

If I had my way I would combine the software of the Cameo and use  the the Brother Scan and Cut...but alas that is not possible as they each speak their own language.

The biggest differences are price, ease of use and software compatibility. The price on the Silhouette Cameo is about $269 while the Brother is about $499.  The Brother does come with more 'goodies' if you will while the Cameo comes with it's own software.  What I found out conducting this duel is that if you are a quilter/machine embroiderer and do not wish to rely on any software  or a computer you may want to purchase the Brother Scan and Cut.  You really do not need any special software or computer knowledge to use the Brother Scan and Cut.

If you are a crafter and think you may want to make temporary tattoos, create your own rhinestone patterns and what not,  and you do not mind needing a computer to make the cutter run then the Cameo would probably suit you. The Cameo buyer needs to feel comfortable learning new software so they can navigate this machine and its possibilities.

Speaking to product support and compatibility I found both soft-wares to interact with my Floriani very well but there does seem to be more web based information about the Cameo but that may be due to the fact that the Brother Scan and Cut is very new.  If you are a consumer who avoids software at all costs then the Brother model is for you.  If you like to learn new software then the Cameo is for you.
As for me...I am pretty sure I will keep them both...

Nicci Brazzell
MaEd, M.F.A