Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Duel of the Cameo Silhouette vs. the Brother Scan & Cut Part 3

The Duel of the Cameo Silhouette 
vs. the Brother Scan & Cut Part 3
Cutting Multiple Pieces

These pieces are cut close to the size of the finished applique so there is less waste when cutting multiple pieces.

Here are the pieces attached to the respective mats, the Cameo mat is clear while the Brother Scan and Cut mat is white, this does make it easier to see the grid and line up things for placement.

Here are the respective mats, each with several fabrics.

The brother mat is a bit easier to work with because it is not clear, the fact that it was white allowed me to better see the grid lines and what I was working with, the other feature I loved was the Brother Scan and Cut scanning feature.  Basically this feature allows to put assorted fabrics on the mat and then 'scan' the mat with a touch of a button...this may not sound so very cool but if you look at the screen it allows me to move the bunny shapes anywhere I like on the mat and to cut where needed...very cool.

The screen is an exact replica of the fabric on the mat.