Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Duel of the Cameo Silhouette vs. the Brother Scan & Cut Part 2

The Duel of the Cameo Silhouette 
vs. the Brother Scan & Cut Part 2

Part two of the Brother/Cameo duel will showcase the many differences in these machines to help you make an informed decision when purchasing one...because you will want one.

We started with an embroidery file in the shape of a bunny and converted it to use as cut date for both machines, each has pros and cons when it comes to cutting data as you will see outlined below.

Notice that the Studio software gives guidelines for the cutting blade length and cut speed as well as the ability to process a double cut?  Very nice feature.

The Canvas Software uses a thumb drive to move designs to the machine, one click and the design is ready to use.

We discussed ease of use and up to this point both are very easy to use...with the Cameo Studio being a bit better in the software department due to its ability to re-size on screen quickly, the downside being that if you don't have computer access you can't get the design to the machine, where with the Brother Scan and Cut you could just scan the image directly to the machine and still get your cut file.  So preference would depend on user.
The next step is to apply a fusible webbing to the back of your fabric, I used steam-a-seam because you can embroider through the applique pieces without gumming up your needle.  To do traditional machine embroidered applique you do not need a fusible but to cut these files with the digital cutters you will have more success if you add a fusible product, please do not use Heat-n-Bond as it is not good for the embroidery machine.

We are going to cut as many bunny shapes as possible as it makes sense to use this machine and the set- up time to our advantage, I am not sure I would use a cutter to cut just one piece but it definitely is worth it for multiple pieces.

This concludes part 2, please follow part three to see how the machines differ when cutting multiple pieces.