Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Loading and Cutting the Heat Transfer Vinyl Part 2

Remember I said to load the vinyl face down?  With the matte side facing you?  And some of you are like me and jumped ahead and didn't do it the right way...that's okay..if you have shapes in your design they can still be scrapped off the mat and fused to your garment, if you had words they can't be used because the will be in reverse when pressed.
Here is what it looks like when you have the vinyl with the glitter side looks a mess and it is but you can salvage some of the pieces if you like.

Here is the video of the machine being loaded.  The entire sheet of the glitter vinyl and the 'clear carrier sheet' are removed from the mat.  Then you begin to 'pull away' the excess vinyl, leaving just your design.  Be sure to remove all of the excess so your design will look clean.  Yes I could have edited the video so it would look like the excess pulls away in one fell swoop but it doesn't and you know me...I am all about the real deal.  When picking out the excess pieces it is called 'weeding'...hmm, wonder why...maybe it is because it is like real weeding and it is irritating.  Irritating, but the effect achieved by the glitter is worth it.

Check that your heat transfer vinyl has this clear 'backing' called a carrier sheet, if it doesn't you will need to purchase some carrier tape to help you line up your designs.
Here is the video of how easy it is to remove the excess vinyl.
I want to make sure that you are aware that it won't look as though the vinyl has been cut, you will barely see the cut lines and this may lead you to believe that you need to re-cut..DON'T DO IT.  The machine has cut the vinyl exactly as necessary and you don't want a deep cut because the carrier needs to stay in place so you can place the item on your garment and press it in place.  The sticky clear background is called a 'carrier' and no I don't know why, guess because it carries your design to your garment!

Once the excess is removed heat up your heat press or iron according to manufactures settings for the type of vinyl you are using.  

The clear 'carrier' will stay on during the pressing process, it won't stick to your garment but you will need to use the pressing sheet provided by Siser or use and Applique Pressing Sheet like the one pictured.
Press for the recommended time. 
Carefully lift and remove the carrier and your item is ready.
Now for the good stuff that no one seems to want to tell us are the MACHINE SETTINGS FOR Heat Transfer Vinyl when using the Brother Scan-n-Cut

Use the Aqua Blade set to number 2
Set the Machine Cut Pressure to 1
Set the Cut Speed to 1
Use the Standard Mat
Place Glitter Vinyl Face Down

These setting will work with the heavier heat transfer vinyl that has a clear carrier, I do not yet know what the cut settings are for other types of vinyl because I haven't used any yet but as soon as I know I will post it here on the blog.

Now go have fun with your cutter and quit being intimidated by it, it really is that easy!

Nicci Brazzell
MaEd, M.F.A